Warranty Inspection

Is Your One-Year Builder Warranty About To Expire?

If you're new home is 10 or 11 months old, it's time to do a new-home warranty inspection; especially if you did not have the home inspected before purchase. This may be your last chance to get repairs made to your home at the builder's expense.

Many new-home owner's are having their homes inspected one or two months prior to the expiration of their builder's home warranty (usually 12 months). In most cases, the inspection may point out existing conditions or concerns that may still be covered under the original builder's warranty and will allow the owners to have these conditions repaired at little or no cost.

Our End-of-Warranty Inspection includes testing of all systems and components including - Structural, Roof Covering, Mechanical (heating and cooling), Plumbing (water heater, pipes, fixtures), Electrical (panel, outlets, switches, fixtures), Appliances, Attic, Insulation, Crawlspace, Bathrooms, Doors, Windows, Fireplace, Interior Finishes, Exterior Finishes, and more...

If you did not have the house inspected prior to purchasing it, you should consider this type of inspection. Don't assume that your builder is going to build you the perfect house. Even the best builders aren't perfect. Fierce competition within the home building industry compels the builder to balance quality with cost.

The builder's responsibility does continue past the first year under SC State Law for many items. Don't let defects go unnoticed. The average homeowner simply cannot discover the defects that could be apparent to a certified home inspector. Problems will eventually be discovered when the time comes for you to sell the home. By then, the builders warranty would probably have expired, and the responsibility for repairs would then be yours. By this time, the defects could cost many thousands of dollars to remedy instead of a few hundred. What you don't know about your home can hurt you!

When you consider the investment you have made in your new home, a professional inspection by a certified inspector is a relatively inexpensive safeguard. We believe your investment in our End-of-Warranty Home Inspection will prove to be of significant value and secure the "peace of mind" you deserve!


Having an experienced, and certified Home Inspector on your team is a valuable resource for your clients.