Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you worried that the Buyer's Home Inspection might kill your deal?

One reason home-sale transactions fall apart is because of defects discovered during the Buyer's Home Inspection. A "Pre-Listing inspection", helps the buyer, seller, and real estate professional. Typically, the buyer and seller negotiate the terms of the sale and agree on a price for the home. The sale is conditional on a home inspection.

After the inspection the buyer gets the report, finds out the home is not perfect (none are) and feels they have overpaid. They want to re-negotiate, or worse, they want out of the transaction. Their argument is that they weren't aware of these problems when they made their offer. The real estate agents have already sold the home, going through a tough negotiation. Now they have to tell the seller that the buyer wants out of the deal or a lower price. The sales process has to start over again, or the deal falls apart. Neither side is happy with time and money lost.

By having your home inspected before you list the property, you decrease the odds of a failed transaction due to inspection-related issues. When the condition of the home is disclosed before the buyer's inspection, there are no surprises.

Benefits of a Seller's Pre-Listing Inspection:

  • Everyone knows the condition of the home, no last minute surprises.
  • No home is perfect, a good inspection report will provide that perspective.
  • If there are issues raised that need further evaluation by an expert, that can happen before the house is listed, rather than in the middle of a high stress negotiation.
  • Sellers can make improvements or reflect the condition in the listing price.
  • Buyers are more comfortable making an offer, because they know what they are getting.
  • A seller's inspection may allow more potential buyers to make an offer.

A Pre-Listing Inspection helps ensure that there are fewer surprises in a real estate transaction, because everyone involved becomes more familiar with the property's current condition. By making repairs or disclosing to the prospective buyer the property's condition up front, before negotiations begin, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere by instilling confidence regarding the home's condition. This may help your listing sell faster and closer to the listing price.


Having an experienced, and certified Home Inspector on your team is a valuable resource for your clients.